Lemon Saison Extract Kit

Lemon Saison Extract Kit


1x Can Blackrock Lager

1x Can Blackrock Wheat

150g table sugar (helps make beer taste drier)

1x Belle Saison Yeast

Zest of 2 lemons

Dry Hop 25g Citra, 25g Motueka 


Soak both cans in a sink of hot water to soften malt. (15 minutes).

Put 2L warm water in your fermenter.  Add contents of the two cans and sugar.

Zest lemons and add to 1L boiling water.  Steep for 10 minutes then strain into to your fermenter.  (TIP: Add to a coffee plunger as this makes it easy to filter out the zest by plunging the “tea”)

Top up to 23L (ideally around 20 degrees when completed.

Sprinkle on yeast and fit airlock.

Ferment for 4 days then add the citra and lemondrop hops.  Ferment for another 3-6 days until fermentation is complete.

Prime bottles with carbonation drops (2 drops per 750ml or 1 drop per 350 or 500 bottle) then fill and cap.

Posted: Saturday 5 September 2020


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