New England IPA ("NEIPA") - Extract Recipe

New England IPA (

1 x 1.7 kg Black Rock Pale Ale
1 x 1.7 kg Black Rock Unhopped Wheat

1 cup rolled Oats (This adds body and creates the "haze")

100g Simcoe
100g Mosaic Hops

1x packet Safale 04 English Ale

Clean & Sanitise fermenter and equipment.

Pour 2L water into a pot and add your cup of rolled oats. Stir well.  Boil for 3 minutes then turn off and let steep for 20 minutes.  Add 1L cold water into your fermenter then pour the oats solution through a sieve into your fermenter.  Pour another litre of boiled water through the sieve to flush through remaining oats "stickiness"

Add liquid malts to your fermenter then rinse out cans with more hot water to get remaining malt dissolved.  Stir well to make sure all liquid malts are disolved. Fill to a total of 20 Litres with cold  water, achieving a starting wort temperature of between 18 and 24 degrees C.

Sprinkle dried yeast onto wort surface and ferment for approximately 3 days then add the 50g of Simcoe and 50g of Mosiac hop pellets onto ferment beer surface and continue to ferment.
After 3 more days add the remaining 50g of Simcoe and 50g of Mosiac hop pellets. Leave to finish fermentation for approximately 3 more days until a final gravity of approx 1.012 SG.

Add beer finings to clear the yeast from your beer then keg or bottle.

Approx ABV: 4.5% ABV
Approx Bitterness: 32 IBU

Posted: Friday 19 July 2019


  • What temperature do you ferment this brew at? Thanks
    Posted: 2023-10-26 19:16   by Icyshrug
  • When it says "Pour 2L water into a pot and add your cup of rolled oats." should this be cold water, warm water, already boiling water?

    Use hot water as it speeds up the process. Bryan
    Posted: 2020-09-04 09:46   by Pete