Munich Lager

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Munich Lager

Ingredients for 23 liters

2.3  kg

Pilsner (2-Row) Malt (German)

1.5 kg

Munich Malt (German)

1. kg

Vienna Malt (German)

400 g

Caramel/Crystal Malt (60 °L)


Wakatu NZ Hallertau 7.4% (60 min)


Wakatu NZ Hallertau 7.4% (20 min)

2 packets



Conduct a mash at 64° C for 60 minutes then sparge.  Collect roughly 27 Litres of runoff and bring to a rolling boil.  Once at a rolling boil add 35g of Wakatu hops and allow them to boil for the full 60 minutes.  Be careful when adding hops as you may encounter a boil over during this first hop addition.  With 20 minutes left in the boil add 35g Wakatu hops.  After the boil, cool your wort down to around 10° C and transfer the wort in to your fermenter. Aerate the wort very well.  Once the wort is both aerated and cooled pitch the yeasts. 

Ferment around 10-12° C for 4 weeks before bottling or kegging. 

Carbonate for 2 - 2.5 volumes CO2.

Posted: Friday 19 July 2019


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