Best Session IPA Approx 4%

Best Session IPA Approx 4%

A med to med-full body which is a pleasant surprise for a lower alcohol beer.   It's a great summer beer that you can enjoy several of them without falling off your seat. If there was such a class, we would enter it in a Session IPA class.


2.5kg Maris Otter

700g German Vienna Malt

500g German Munich Malt

500g Light Crystal 23L

300 Flaked Oats



12g Simcoe 60min

25g Simcoe 5min

60g Amarillo Steep/whirlpool 10 min

30g Simcoe Steep/whirlpool 10 min

25g Simcoe dry hop day 3 for 4 days

25g Amarillo dry hop day 3 for 4 days



1 x pkt Lallemand London ESB yeast

1 tsp yeast nutrient added on Day 3 (dissolve in hot boiled water the stir in when dry hopping. Immediate replace lid and airlock)


Mash 65 degrees.

60 minute boil


Est vol 23L

Mash with approx 17L water and sparge until pre boil volume reached 26 to 27L (allowing for 2L boil off and 1 to 2L sediment in boiler)



Note: This yeast is a monster! It will take off. Hydrate in 30 degree C water for half hour before pitching. Will appear finished in 3-4 days at approx 1.020 so add more nutrient on day 3 to pull gravity down a little further.

Posted: Friday 19 July 2019


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