Little Creatures Bright Ale Clone Recipe

Little Creatures Bright Ale Clone Recipe


3.4 kg New Zealand Pilsner
1.3 kg Weyermann Vienna
0.2 kg Pale Munich
0.2 Pale Crystal
0.15 kg Weyermann Carapils(Carafoam)
0.25 kg Wheat Malt


10 g Taiheke (Pellets, 5.9 AA%, 45 mins)
10 g Motueka (NZ) (Pellets, 6.8 AA%, 45 mins)
15 g Taiheke (Pellets, 5.9 AA%, 20 mins)
15 g Motueka (NZ) (Pellets, 6.8 AA%, 20 mins)
25 g Motueka (NZ) (Pellets, 6.8 AA%, 5 mins)
25 g Taiheke (Pellets, 5.9 AA%, 5 mins)

Optional:  Dry Hop with 20 each of Motueka and Taiheke if you like a stronger hop aroma


SAFALE-05 Yeast
5 g Irish Moss

This beer is so close to the original its not funny. Light, easy to drink maltiness balances the hops perfectly, neither is overpowering.  Hop aroma and hop flavor are spot on too with about equal flavor in mouth and aroma in the nose.


Mash it at 65 to 66 degrees C for 60 minutes

Fermented at 19 deg with SAFALE-05 Yeast

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Posted: Friday 19 July 2019


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