The Dark Side Stout (all grain)

The Dark Side Stout (all grain)



3.3kg Pale Ale
450g Carapils
450g Munich
400g Flaked Barley
400g Roast Barley
300g UK Amber
200g Dark Crystal
250g Dark Cara
250g Gladfields Light Crystal
200g Black Malt

25g Chinook 60 min
10g Taiheke 60 min
15g Taiheke 15 min
10g Taiheke 2 min

2x Lallemand Windsor Yeast
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient last 10 min of boil

Est ABV 6.2%


Mash at 65 degrees C for 60 min.

Boil for 90 min with hop additions starting at 60 min - see ingredient list for hop addition timings. You may need to top up towards the end of the boil.

Ferment 20 - 22 degrees raising to 24 degrees at end of ferment

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Posted: Tuesday 18 July 2017


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