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First of all I would like to say how pleased I have been with the results of my first BIAB brew. It was way ahead of where I dreamed I would be with respect to beer quality...read more

Thanks again for the absolutely wonderful service and packaging. Everything arrived safe and sound on Monday. I have to say that I'm absolutely impressed with the freshness of the hops that I've gotten from you as well. Big thumbs up from me and looking forward to the next order.

'.also Mike was decent enough to ring my cellphone when I was late on an order, ring wyeast and change the bulk order, now that's service! He also chatted and took an interest in what I was ordering, which is what I love about .'

Mike at Brewers Coop is sponsoring the homebrew comp and is a SOBA sponsor, so it's not just a financial decision - it's an ethical one too!!!

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"Before, homebrewers brewed out of necessity. Now, many homebrewers brew because they feel encouraged by the number of really great beers available on the market largely brewed by those who got their starts as homebrewers."
Ashton Lewis, BYO.com, December 2008

Brewers Coop is a small business in Penrose, Auckland and has been run by Mike for over seven years. It offers one of the largest ranges of home brewing supplies and equipment in Auckland for brewing beer, wines and making spirits. Brewers Coop believes in top quality customer service and was voted best homebrew store in New Zealand in 2010

Brew in a Bag System

Brewers Coop now stocks the Brew in a Bag System. This process simplifies the world of All Grain Brewing allowing you to brew a better beer. In comparison to other full grain mash methods, brew in a bag offers the brewer a number of benefits over the traditional process. These benefits include…

  • One vessel trebles up as a hot liquor tank, mash tun and kettle (boiler).
  • BIAB offers a far lower equipment cost
  • Less equipment means less space needed and quicker clean-up
  • Less time investment making your fermentable wort
  • Quick and simple process
  • Produces as good a result as full mash brewing

System cost is as follows

  • Stainless pot 34L: $150
  • Grain bag: $24.00
  • Wortchiller: $212.00
  • Thermometer: $15.80
  • Bought as a complete kit: $360.00

Barrel Fermenter complete with airlock bung , tap and stick on thermometer, hydrometer and testing cylinder $70.00 if bought as part of total package.

See our Brew in a Bag advice page for more info.

New Hops and Grains

See the Malted Grains and Hops pages for new malted grains and hops in stock or download our latest Hops price list.

Cheese Making

Brewers Coop now stocks the 'Mad Millie' range of home cheese making products. View our Cheese Making Products or view the Mad Millie website for cheese making tips and advice

Why Brewers Coop?


Brewers Coop obtains products from distributors throughout New Zealand. We stock a huge range of supplies, and experienced brewers will find anything they need, from hops and malts to liqueurs and stills. If we don't have it, we can order it in quickly. Brewers Coop also specialises in bulk order and specialty grain orders. (View price list)


More than just a business, Mike's mission is to make Home Brewing accessible to anyone who wants to try it. He goes the extra mile to make your brewing successful. Mike also offers a mail order service to ensure easy ordering from anywhere in the country.


Mike has over 38 years of brewing experience, and still brews himself. He tests and recommends all his products, and will enthusiastically offer excellent advice and tips to anyone wanting to start brewing or improving their own beers, wines or spirits.

Why Home Brew?

Many people brew their own so they can make a cheaper beer, or bottle of spirit or wine. While we like the fact that the more you brew the more you save there are other reasons for brewing your own.

Brewing is relaxing. You can spend an hour or a day making a beer. Whilst it takes around four hours to run your still (producing 7 or 8 litres of spirit) you can mow the lawn or paint the ceiling or watch the rugby while that's happening. And there is nothing like opening your own wine to the adoration of your guests at a dinner party.

Homebrew tastes better. With a little extra effort and cost its easy to make a beer that tastes better than most mainstream commercial beers. Alternatively you may wish to clone a commercial beer that you like. You can make Gin or Rum or whisky that will compare more than favourably with commercial varieties. And you can make a truly excellent wine.

Homebrew is healthier. Home brew beer has more vitamin B (potentially less hangovers!) than commercial beer. Most commercial beers are filtered, so don't have any vitamin B. The bottle conditioning in home made beer also means preservatives are unnecessary so your brew is preservative free. Home made spirit is generally a cleaner alcohol than that found in whiskies and rums and can also result in fewer hangovers.

Last updated:20 December 2012